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TURN AROUND TO SEE YOUR TRUE LOVE!!!!!! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 3 5 Das Right, David, Come to Your SENSES! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 3 0 RANDOM DOCTOR WHO COMIC!!! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 1 0 DEFAULT IGNORE THIS ONE!!! MADE FEW MISTAKES. :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 0 0 You Keep Your Mouth SHUT!!! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 10 5 IT'S THE DOUBLE POP-UP!!! YESSSS!!!!!! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 27 5 DRUGS... wow. :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 3 0 The Day of the Doctor :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 1 0 Crappy Drawing of TARDIS :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 0 0 Black 'n' White Cat :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 0 0 The Cubical is BIGGER on the INSIDE!!! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 5 1 True Statement #157 :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 0 0 I Find Her In THEE Weirdest Places! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 5 3 Yep, It's Agreed, We All Hate Steven Moffat(O :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 21 8 OMG! Are You SERIOUS?! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 30 20 Not THIS Again! :icondoctor-who-rulez:Doctor-Who-RULEZ 17 8


The rebound - Doctor Who comic :iconswing-21:SWING-21 3,124 392 Tenth :iconpix-louise:Pix-louise 7 1
Doctor Who Ch. 5
"Doc... tor. Doc-tor! DOCTOR! EXTERMIN-EXTERMINATE!!" the voices were MASSIVLY overlapped. "EXTERMINATE THE DOCTOR!" a beam shoots out of the Daleks lazer thing. "NOOO!!!" I jump in front of him and get hit by the beam. "SKIIIII!!!!!" my face was red. I held Ski. I put my regeneration energy in to her. She coughed. "Hey" she said groggily. She was breathing hard. "You do know that your regeneration energy can't fight a Dalek's... Beam!" I smiled. "I know you have 4 minutes! Agh you STUPID BLODDY human!" she smiles. "I couldn't... Live my... Life knowing... I didn't save... You! I hacked your... Computer! You'll... Forget me... Eventually. And if you don't... Remember me as... That STUPID girl who saved your... STUPID life." I scoff/chuckle. "And one... More thing. I d-don't... Think your TARDIS... Is broken... I think this was... A death trap. The Nothing... Will be here... If you don't... Be so caref-full." I shake Ski. "NOTHING?! What the hell is the Nothing? SKI! What is it?!" I rea
:iconthe-dt-club:The-DT-Club 2 1
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Sky. And YES i'm a girl
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hey everyone welcome to my page! Also check out all of my deviations which take Doctor Who humor to a WHOLE new level! Also look at my stamps below they tend to a funny tinge to them!

LET ME LOVE YOU...(Gif#5) by AnimeNightFall3 Doctor Who Stamp by Vampiric-Time-Lord Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Hello Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler


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[ ] You get angry a lot. 
[/] You love the hot weather. (meh)
[x] You play a lot of sports.(especially football. or "soccer." whatever)
[ ] Out of all your friends you are the most outgoing. 
[x] You hate being pushed around. 
[x] You are very active.
[] You get embarrassed often.
[xxxxx] You love spicy foods(after :iconnightlock130: tried a ghost pepper I did too! It wasnt hot.:()
Total: 5

[] You like soft music.(nope)
[/] You love mints.
[x] You are very collected. 
[x] You love spending time outdoors. 
[x] You are mostly organized.(meh) 
[ ] Your favorite season is winter 
[] You like elephants.(TBH they creepy me out... and remind me Im 5'2'')
Total: 3

[x] You are told that you make people happy. 
[x] You help the environment.
[] You donate lots of money to organizations.
[x] You have a pet. 
[x] You have a lot of plants in your house.
[/] You like camping. 
[x] You dress practical. 
[x] You give your old clothes to the Salvation Army. 
Total: 7

[ ] You are loud. 
[] You have a phone with a keyboard.(touchscreen) 
[] You play basketball.
[/] You are outgoing.(meh)
[x] You are unique.
[x] You like being creative.
[/] You aren't afraid to show your true feelings.(meh)
[/] You want to be a forensics scientist, an FBI agent, or something along those lines.(maybe) 
Total: 4.5

[x] You follow trends. 
[ ] You are considered preppy.
[ ] You straighten your hair every day.
[ ] You only buy name brand clothes.
[x] You like cute things.  
[ ] You listen to mainstream music. 
[/] You get your nails done.(Every now and then for special occasions)
Total: 1

[x] Summer is your favorite season. 
[/] You love to tan. 
[ ] Birds are one of your favorite animals.
[/] You are laid back.
[x] You would rather spend a day with your close friends at your house than going out partying. 
[] You like lemon in your soda. 
[x] You mostly drink water
[x] You spend a lot of time watching tv or on the computer.
Total: 6

[] You are often bored
[ ] You aren't very creative. 
[x] You spend a lot of time relaxing. 
[x] You like to save money.(meh) 
[ ] You listen to classical music.
[x] You play piano. 
[/] You try not to judge people.(so...HARD)
[/] You don't like shopping for clothes. (meh)
Total: 5

[ ] You shop at Hot Topic.
[x] you wear black eyeliner and/or nail polish.(eyeliner)
[ ] You are often depressed.
[ ] People call you gothic or emo. 
[ ] You always type in black font on MSN. 
[x] Night is your favorite time of day. 
[/] You hate school. 
[ ] You listen to metal music. 
Total: 2.5

[/] You often wear neutral colors such as brown, tan, gray, and white.(meh) 
[x] You just like to blend in. 
[ ] You are very shy. 
[] Fall is your favorite season.
[x] You get good grades in school.
[x] You like the same kind of music as most of your friends. 
[ ] You wear your hair up most of the time.
Total: 3.5

I'm my favorite color:


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